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Carve It Out


I’ve been depressed lately.

This isn’t a post about the intricacies of depression, or a poor-poor-pitiful-me account of my last few days.

But last night, while a trudged along finishing up my day in a state of gloomy-ness, I figured it out!

Over the last few days as the rain drenched, my schedule weighed me down like concrete boots in a river. Going from one place to the next accomplished my errands and to-do list, but it lacked one serious and all-important fact–my writing time.

It is so important to write. To allow words to ebb and flow and gush out onto paper or screen.

It is important to dance.

Or, wood carve.

Or, create hot air balloons.

It is important to carve out time to do what God created you to do. If not, your body and soul will definitely tell you about it.

So today I write and hope to remind you that what you want is important, too. Because this world hopes for you to do what it wants and not always what’s best for you. Take your time. Carve it out. Create.

It’s okay. Take time today to be who God created you to be. I already feel better. I wrote. And, I’ll keep writing.

Because it’s what I’m supposed to do.

Be blessed!


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