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Picking Up Your Treasures


Hey, everyone!

I’ve been quiet for a while. 

I tend to do that. I write a lot. Then take a break. Then write again. 

And, that’s ok. 

Do you do that? Do you get all gung-ho about something,  but then fall off the face of the earth? I was just thinking. Don’t we all do that? 

Isn’t that called New Year’s Resolutions? Lol

Anyway…I am back with transparency and fervor. 

And, I missed y’all! I hope you missed me, too. 

So stay tuned for new posts, updates and writing adventures. 

I love y’all! Please don’t ever be discouraged if you start a passion, then put it down for a bit. Sometimes you need to put it down just so you can treasure it more when you pick it back up. 

Be blessed!


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