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What is Normal?

This is our path. What’s yours?

Being a special needs mom is hard. 

I don’t know any other way though. 

I have one beautiful treasure, and she is mine. She is all I know. Her life. Her delays. Our days together. That’s our life. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In this moment. 

In other moments, I want everything to change. I battle with God. Why isn’t she “normal?” Why doesn’t she understand? Why can’t she listen and do what I say?

Then God says, “What is normal?”

“Do you understand?”

“Do you listen and do what I say?”


This life is so hard. Life is hard without delays. Without challenges. What will life be like for her? Will she be happy? She is right now. Why wouldn’t she be then? That is my prayer. That my child is safe and happy. 

Isn’t that all of our prayers? As mothers? God, I ask you today for safety and happiness for her. All the days of her life. And, for all of your children out here.



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