Ok….Let’s back up.

In my previous post, we explored that my retina specialist wants me to have an MRI to rule out MS.

That took a lot less time to explain than I thought.

The moment I left my specialist’s office, I emailed my primary care physician. I explained what was happening in hopes he would set up my MRI and this would be an easy process.

His response? “I want to see you.” As much as I like to be “seen,” I was seriously hoping I could just skip past an office visit and head straight to the MRI place. Is it a place or a lab?


I went online to make my appointment and the only time available was on Friday, June 25th, which if you’re paying attention to the date of this post, is next Friday.

“Unacceptable!” I declared as I slammed my fist on the table.

I clicked “okay,” just in case, and immediately emailed my doctor, after a quick prayer for favor, in hopes of getting an appointment more now than later.

It worked! Monday, June 14th, it is! Thank you, God!!!

I’m not a morning person. I’m not grumpy… well kinda… if you keep talking at me, but I digress. My appointment was at 9:30am, which wasn’t too bad. And, I felt lucky to have it and gave God the glory for it.

My doctor (Who’s very nice, btw.) and I chatted and went through everything, and he feverishly typed all my symptoms for the insurance authorization. Evidently, it’s not that easy to get an MRI. Well, I guess it’s easy to get one. I’m talking about getting insurance to pay for it. Has anyone else experienced this?

So, after he finished typing and we said what needed to be said, I was ushered off to do labwork.

I hate labwork? Are you feeling me?

After I was sucked and drained of most of my blood…(okay, FINE! It wasn’t too bad, but I do have a doozy of a bruise to show for it.), I did what you do next: Go home and sit it out.

By the afternoon, emails about lab results began trickling in. And, guess what?

All my results are normal.

Didn’t I mention that in my previous post? If you missed it, the link is right here. https://dawnmichellemichals.com/2021/06/17/ruling-things-out-walking-with-god-through-ms-possibly/

The results did show that I am inching my way toward pre-diabetes, so my doctor and I discussed that. But, otherwise, I’m completely and totally fine.

Praise Jesus!

I think.

So, why do I feel the way I do?

We shall wait for the MRI!

18 responses to ““Ruling things out” — Drs appts, lab work and bloodwork results”

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  2. Well… 😅😅😅.
    This is just a story, no? Your Website doesn’t love my name.

    1. Weird! I wonder what is happening!

      No, this is true life as I’m living it. Just wanted to share the journey in case someone out here needed it. 💖 When you hear “MS,” it can be overwhelming and downright scary. But, Im walking with the Grace of God and wanted to share that.

    2. Are you the “Someone” who’s been commenting?

  3. I think. I have to post a comment again 😂. Great story in here, Praise Jesus!


    1. Thank you so much!

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