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Are you an aspiring writer with no time to write? Let’s fix that!


If you’ve been on my site for a while, you know I did a thing.

You see, I love to encourage people to fulfill their dreams, especially writers.

So I started two Facebook groups. One for fiction writers and one for business-minded, non-fiction writers.

You can check them out and join if you like. Join one or both! Whatever you feel led to do.

But today, let’s chat more about fiction writing! Specifically your dreams as a fiction author.

Have you ever said, “I’d love to write, if only I had…

…the time?”

…the knowledge?”

…encouragement to do it?”

Let me tell you more about Let’s Write Already! – For Busy People Who Want to WRITE.

Monday is our Writing Targets Day. I know for me, if I get it out there, I’m WAAAAY more likely to fight to get it done. PLUS, you telling your goals makes other people share their goals and then we have a tremendous Goal Fest going on where we all motivate and inspire each other to write!

And why is motivating you important?

Because your dreams and passions are important. And if your passion is writing the next great American novel, then you are in the “write” place! Get it? 🙂

This group is for busy people who want to write. I know that’s me! Is it you too? You’re probably saying, “Duh, Chelle! I wouldn’t have read this post if it wasn’t!”

I hear ya. Believe me. I’m a busy mom, daughter, writer, social media strategist, online entrepreneur and all-around creative.

I wear a lot of hats. I bet you do too! So together we will find all those special moments in our days where we can WRITE! Every word gets us closer to our dream. And our world needs your words!

I’ve also started a new segment called “Teaching Tuesdays” where I quickly share about an aspect of fiction writing. I keep them short, because…well…we’re busy! It happens during my Tuesday Live at 11am CST.

I also chat about TIME HACKS to help you gain the time to write without losing any more sleep than you already do. 😴

So far on Teaching Tuesdays, I’ve chatted about POV and Head Hopping, what the hecks a WIP?, and more. And don’t worry if you’ve missed them! All the LIVES are still “live” in our feed so you can go back and watch or rewatch as much as you like! Hop on over and check it out if you can! And leave a comment. I’d love to know you’re there!

Wednesdays and Thursdays are for motivating, sharing, posting, and whatever else we choose to do. And, Fridays???

Fridays are Friday FUNdays!! Where we share how we did with our writing, dance around our space to celebrate (If you’re in to that sort of thing. ) and have an over-all writing gratitude fun fest with one another.

If you need motivation, a like-minded, creative community, and the inspiration and encouragement to get words on the page–or screen–join today! And see your writing dreams become your writing realities. 💖

Here’s the link to our Facebook group Let’s Write Already! – For Busy People Who Want to WRITE!

Let’s write already!


Dawn Michelle Michals

What’s ONE THING (or more!) that’s stopping you from being the fiction author you’ve always dreamed of? I can help! Put it in the comments below and let’s chat!

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