God Surprises

We had a surprise in our yard this year. At least 10 tomato plants started growing with absolutely no help from us. ⁣⁣⁣⁣They didn’t need us to plant them. ⁣⁣⁣⁣They didn’t need us to water them to make them thrive. ⁣⁣⁣⁣They haven’t seemed to need our help at all. (We do water them on occasionalContinue reading “God Surprises”

Let God be God

I know at times I try to be God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but I am not any of these three. Be grateful for that. 😊 I try to be in control. I think I AM in control. And, then I get all befuddled when things don’t go exactly how I want them. But,Continue reading “Let God be God”

FOMO vs. Me

A few months back I wrote a post called FOMO vs. Jesus. You can catch it here if you missed it. In it, I spoke about how as Christians we shouldn’t have a Fear of Missing Out. And, I truly believe that. God will not let us miss out on anything we are planned toContinue reading “FOMO vs. Me”

Are you a light?

  Hey, Sweet Friend! Today, I want to talk about light with you.  There are so many references to it in the Word of God. To me, there are two parts to this light: The Following and The Drawing. The Following In the Old Testament, we follow the light. A lot. “And the LORD went before themContinue reading “Are you a light?”

Why are you on this planet? 🌏

Why are you here? Seriously. Why are you on this planet? Why did God put you here? What does your heart YEARN to do? I want to know. I want to help you succeed. I want you to see ALL of your dreams become realities. And, so does God. God put us here to makeContinue reading “Why are you on this planet? 🌏”