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I constantly update my writing samples so you can see my most current content. I am available for freelance, writer-on-assignment pieces.

I write regularly for Seeds of Hope Publishers and for the Texas Home School Coalition (Here’s a series I am working on). My latest info article is live right now. Check out my tips for homeschooling your 11th grade and everything you need to know over at I’ve posted from Pre-K through 11th grade thanks to THSC! My final piece for parents navigating senior year will arrive in October.

“The Value of Being an Encouraging Parent” and “How One Couple Chose to Live the Simple Life” about simple living and minimalism can be found at Focus on the Family Canada.

His birth name was Joseph, yet the disciples nicknamed him Barnabas, the Son of Encouragement (Acts 4:36). He traveled alongside the Apostle Paul during his first missionary journey, which proved to be a driving force of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. Read more of “Who is Encouraging Your Children?” at

I’ve been homeschooling my daughter for six years now. I learn something new every day. I’ve also discovered some dreams I have as a result. Seven, in fact. There may be more. I may add to this list some day. But, for now, read 7 Dreams of a Homeschooling Mom.

Do you have a reluctant learner? Check out my newest article in print in the Texas Home School Coalition Association’s quarterly magazine, Home Educator Quarterly.

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