Writer’s Block. Have you had it? That itch to write at your keyboard but absolutely nothing comes out. Or, if something does dribble out, “RUBBISH!” you cry as you hit delete.

I am experiencing a case of Writer’s Block boogedies “write” now. (HAHA. Get it?)

But, I’ve developed some tips and tricks to help me and you stay on track, WRITE, and keep those evil Writer’s Block Boogedies at bay.

Tip #1. Free write. This is so hard for some of us. But, my first tip is just WRITE. No edits. No going back. Simply write and get it down on paper or on your screen. This gets your creative juices flowing, and more often than not, I’ve developed new characters, crazy worlds, better stories and have noticed my writing levels elevating.

Tip #2. The Most Dangerous Writing App. Do you need a little push into this free writing thing? The Most Dangerous Writing App allows you to free write for a specified time period. But, guess what? Stop writing for longer than five seconds and all of you work literally poofs away into cyberspace. And, you can’t get it back either. Evil, isn’t it? Yet, amazingly effective! I used this today for the first time, and I will be back. If mental distractions keep you from writing, this site is a must try!

Tip #3. Write something else. Jot down your grocery list, a list of your favorite books, or why you like those favorite books. Who’s your most beloved character? Why? Who’s your most beloved character in your own writing? Write it down. Now crumple up that piece of paper (Well, maybe not the grocery list) and get back to your WIP (Work in Progress)! The key here is to get back to YOUR writing.

Tip #4. Make your writing a habit. For years I felt as though I had to wait for my muse to show up and be ready before I could get words on paper. Now, with a daughter who doesn’t understand that mommy is a writer, I have a set time each morning that I deliberately write for myself and my clients. After I created a set schedule, do you know what happened??? My mind turns on every morning around 9am. It knows it’s time to work. I have made my writing a priority and a habit. I wouldn’t be posting this blog if I hadn’t. Set a time each day to make your writing—your passion—a priority.

Tip #5. Social media is a trap. Okay. This one was hard to write. As a social media strategist, I obviously survive on social media. But, wow do I get sucked in. Do you? My go-to for procrastination is scrolling my feed. Or, better yet—”I wonder who commented on my latest post?” Don’t do this. Don’t be like me. Do as I say, not as I do. Scroll to your hearts content. But, not during your writing time.

Writing is a process. And if you sit down long enough and experience Writer’s Block, you are most definitely a writer! Don’t overthink it. If your passion is writing, you were made for this. The words will come.

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