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Hey, I’m Dawn. I’m a writer, a mom and a wannabe minimalist — just don’t look at my house!

As a writer, I use my voice to spread God’s love and truths and to be a voice for the voiceless. I write both fiction and non-fiction. Be watching for my newest devotional, Six Days With Matthew 6 — a 6-day journey through my favorite chapter in the Bible– coming in 2022!

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Chelle Music

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Inspirational songs and Christ-focused hymns and covers are the basis of Chelle Music.

Being a vocalist and guitarist, I love to put my own spin on traditional hymns and current Christian hits. I also have been known to write a song or two. Click here to see what I’ve been up to.

Freelance Writing

I’m a writer on assignment for numerous publications

I adore writing on assignment! Give me a deadline, and I am there!

I write regularly to spread awareness of social injustices in our world and am also a member of the Editorial Team for Seeds of Hope Publishers, a group of social justice advocates who engage churches and individuals in the healing of hunger and poverty. I am available as a writer on assignment for you, as well! To see a few of my writing samples, click here.

Check out my newest middle grade, action and adventure! Where a Window’s not a window and noes disappear like magic.

The Secrets of Claymore Castle

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Dawn Michelle Michals is a Christian author, freelance writer and musician based in Central Texas.

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