Water, Water Everywhere…

Where’s your favorite place to be?

Mine is any place with water.



Babbling brooks.


Does that mean anything? I am always so calm. I can relax and breathe. No matter what life is throwing at me. Water makes me calm.

Well, not swimming pool water. I’m allergic to chlorine. 🤪

“Ruling things out” — Insurance auths and MRIs…oh my

This post may be short.

Or it could be a 3,000 word diatribe on the failings of our nation’s health care system.

Or, I could just tell you that my MRI’s scheduled for June 25th.


Welcome back to my journey!

This is Post #3 in the series, so if you need to catch up, here for Post #1. And, here for Post #2.

I got a call from the head nurse at my doctor’s office. She said that the MRI place is saying that I only need one test as opposed to the two tests that my retina specialist (Who henceforth will be referred to as RS, because I’m frankly tired of typing out “retina specialist.”) requested.

I felt like I was in a mean round of the “Telephone Game” between her, me and the MRI folks. My eyes glazed over by the time she explained that one test actually shows the same thing as both the tests so I don’t need both tests even though she told them that RS is requesting both of them.

Who do I believe?

So now I get the honor and privilege of discussing this with the MRI specialist on Friday, June 25th at 8:00 a.m.

As much as I have tried, I am not a morning person. I’ve tried throughout my life. I did all those things that “successful people” do when they get up at 5:00 a.m. to begin their day…and, yeah…that’s just not me.

So, not only do I have to get up really, really early for my 8am appointment, but I also have to have legitimate, knowledgeable conversations on a subject I know nothing about, and I’m just not prepared to do so.

Why can’t the MRI place just do what the doctor requested and leave me out of it?

But I do have a highlight! My insurance approved both tests! PRAISE JESUS! This is a win-win. Amen!

So, like I said, I have my MRI scheduled for Friday, June 25th at 8am. I also have another appointment with RS on Tuesday, June 22nd, and it’s an early morning appointment, too. These people are trying to kill me. LOL But, I’m grateful for the appointment. I’m really not sure what we’re doing at this one. I’ll post later on that, but I just wanted to give you a heads up about what’s going on.

• Yes. Insurance authorized all of my MRIs. (PRAISE JESUS!)

• Yes. I have the MRI appointment scheduled.

• Yes. We are on our way to figuring out what’s going on, and…

• Yes. I am one faith-filled, happy camper over here. Amen!

Thanks for joining me on my journey. Are you on a journey of your own? Please share it with me in the comments. I like to know I’m not the only one out here. 💖

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Something’s missing this Father’s Day

Not all of us were blessed with a doting father.

My daughter and I are watching the series Arrow from the beginning. Right now, we’re on Season 2 Episode 14, I believe.

One of the characters is Detective Lance. He is a doting and wonderful father. All fathers should imbue loving kindness like he does. He’s perceptive. He’s inquisitive. He’s intelligent. He stands by you. He never leaves you. He’s always there no matter what his children are going through–no matter how drunk or drug addicted or how many people they’ve killed. (This is Arrow, by the way.)

He doesn’t always agree with what they’re doing, of course. Because, like I said, drug addiction, alcoholism, and killing sprees aren’t the usual family dinner fodder.

But he is there. Always.

No matter what.

I accepted a long time ago that my father isn’t here. He never has been. He never will be.

But, that’s okay. I am on my journey. And, my journey is father free.

So, each Father’s Day I celebrate my mom. She had to do all the mom things and all the dad things. She is to be applauded, praised and blessed. She worked her butt off all of my life to provide for me. When other children had two parents working, I had one and still had everything I needed.

I still do. She is still here for me every single day. I don’t need a earthly dad, because I have God and my Mom.

Happy Father’s Day, Mom. You are the best Dad a girl could ask for. 💖

“Ruling things out” — Drs appts, lab work and bloodwork results

Ok….Let’s back up.

In my previous post, we explored that my retina specialist wants me to have an MRI to rule out MS.

That took a lot less time to explain than I thought.

The moment I left my specialist’s office, I emailed my primary care physician. I explained what was happening in hopes he would set up my MRI and this would be an easy process.

His response? “I want to see you.” As much as I like to be “seen,” I was seriously hoping I could just skip past an office visit and head straight to the MRI place. Is it a place or a lab?


I went online to make my appointment and the only time available was on Friday, June 25th, which if you’re paying attention to the date of this post, is next Friday.

“Unacceptable!” I declared as I slammed my fist on the table.

I clicked “okay,” just in case, and immediately emailed my doctor, after a quick prayer for favor, in hopes of getting an appointment more now than later.

It worked! Monday, June 14th, it is! Thank you, God!!!

I’m not a morning person. I’m not grumpy… well kinda… if you keep talking at me, but I digress. My appointment was at 9:30am, which wasn’t too bad. And, I felt lucky to have it and gave God the glory for it.

My doctor (Who’s very nice, btw.) and I chatted and went through everything, and he feverishly typed all my symptoms for the insurance authorization. Evidently, it’s not that easy to get an MRI. Well, I guess it’s easy to get one. I’m talking about getting insurance to pay for it. Has anyone else experienced this?

So, after he finished typing and we said what needed to be said, I was ushered off to do labwork.

I hate labwork? Are you feeling me?

After I was sucked and drained of most of my blood…(okay, FINE! It wasn’t too bad, but I do have a doozy of a bruise to show for it.), I did what you do next: Go home and sit it out.

By the afternoon, emails about lab results began trickling in. And, guess what?

All my results are normal.

Didn’t I mention that in my previous post? If you missed it, the link is right here. https://dawnmichellemichals.com/2021/06/17/ruling-things-out-walking-with-god-through-ms-possibly/

The results did show that I am inching my way toward pre-diabetes, so my doctor and I discussed that. But, otherwise, I’m completely and totally fine.

Praise Jesus!

I think.

So, why do I feel the way I do?

We shall wait for the MRI!

But, you’re so good at it!

I hate children.

Not my own, of course. And, there are a few others I enjoy being around. But, for the most part…

I hate children.

Frankly, they are exhausting to me. They run amok. A lot.

For decades, I helped in children’s Sunday School at every church I’ve ever attended. And, when I was younger I enjoyed it. Plus, I was really good at it.

The kids liked me. We had FUN. We sang songs, drew pictures, learned about Jesus and his friends. You know…all the good stuff.

But, now? My old jaded self doesn’t need or desire to be a responsible adult devoting my life to the enrichment and education of tiny wee humans.

Just because I’m good at something doesn’t mean I need to be doing it.

And, I’m still good at. I’m good at a lot of things. I can cook but don’t enjoy it. I can mow a mean yard, but I don’t need to start my own lawn care biz.

I have one thing I like. It brings me joy. I love doing it. I’ll do it again and again. It’s something I’m good at…I hope.

Right now, I choose to devote my time to writing–the thing I want to be good at. I no longer will do things because I happen to be good at them. I will do things I am good at–or want to be good at–that I enjoy doing. And, I thank God for that.

What is something you know, that you know, that you know that you’re good at? Do share! Please let me know below.