God can handle this.

I am in a pickle. You see. I'm a very emotional and sensitive person (if you haven't figured that out yet.) And something happened that sent my social anxiety whirling. I hate it. And I definitely hate feeling vulnerable. Do you? I'm that type of person who can't stop thinking about things that make me … Continue reading God can handle this.

5 Ways to Become a More Productive Writer

Hey, all you writers out here! Have you wondered how to keep writing consistently even when you have no idea what to actually write?Marion Roach Smith is a sought-after author and writing coach who has learned how to productively write -- even on those hard days. Marion is the author of four mass-market books published … Continue reading 5 Ways to Become a More Productive Writer

How are you?

Hey there! First off, how have YOU been? I really want to know. Please drop it in the comments below. I'm here for prayer, encouragement or a laugh anytime. Second off -- that somehow doesn't sound right -- I want to let you know that my newest episode of The Secrets of Claymore Castle is … Continue reading How are you?