Too Many Words

So I’m working on a short story for the Writer’s Digest Short Short Story Competition. (You should enter, too! Follow this link: And, I’ve been thinking. Yeah. I do that. And, have come to the conclusion that I don’t like the way I write. Isn’t that a writer thing? Today, I read my work,Continue reading “Too Many Words”


I woke up today to a beautiful yet heart-wrenching post at Heart wrenching because it’s true. Too true for my spirit to interpret.  Too true for my guts to like. What would I die for? But, more importantly,  what would I live for? So many dreams swirl inside me. So many things I want to do. So, whyContinue reading “Dreams”

Sharing the Old to Make Things New

Look what I found tonight… I was shocked actually. LOL And, more so since I’ve been looking for these writings for a while now. They’ve been churning in my spirit. My past life as a writer before I stopped to be a mom. I need to share that with you, too! But for today,Continue reading “Sharing the Old to Make Things New”