I see you… Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to YOU, the… Bio Moms  Adoptive Moms Soon-to-be Moms Someday Moms Praying-for-babies Moms Not-able-to-be Moms Don’t-wanna-be-a-mom-but-love-other-people’s-kids Moms Fur Baby Moms Dad’s who are great moms, too. (I see you, single Dads.🙋‍♀️) Have a blessed and joy-filled day today. I love you. ~Chelle đź’–Dawn Michelle Michals 

Is it hard to be a Christian?

The Bible teaches a lot about love. Did you know that? Many skip over the fact that Jesus loved love, and spoke about it often. They focus more on what we ought to do and ought not to do — on the “sin” of the person rather than the “In God’s image” of the person.