“Ruling things out” — Now what?

Actually, I don't know. I left a message with RS to see if an open MRI will give him the images he needs. It was Friday, after all, so I'm assuming that's why no one got back to me. I'm learning through all this that if I don't take the initiative, no one else will. … Continue reading “Ruling things out” — Now what?

“Ruling things out” —Walking with God through MS…possibly.

On an evening in February 2021, I closed my laptop and decided to rest after a full day of attending an online conference. I felt migrainy. If you're blessed with migraines you totally understand what I'm saying here. So, I sat back and relaxed, popped three aspirin and and prayed against the squiggly lines that … Continue reading “Ruling things out” —Walking with God through MS…possibly.