So, today I was perusing my YouTube feed just scrolling through my favorites seeing what they posted this week.

I came across one of those videos you don’t want to watch, but you have to.

One of those channels you’ve subscribed to, watched often and now feel a personal obligation and connection to this person.

I recently saw a post on Instagram–like yesterday–that said something like, “I follow at least five people that don’t know me, but I consider them my best friends.”

I completely feel that way with so many of you out here. Kindred spirits who sadly I may never meet, but we are in each other’s lives simply because of this wonderful experience called social media, or the Internet, or whatever you want to call it.

I’m just so blessed by all of you. All of the treasures you share. Your inner-most thoughts and feelings and experiences that you share with the world to educate us, inspire us and make this world a brighter place.

We need you.

I knew I had to watch that video earlier. I didn’t want to. I couldn’t be that hurt. Didn’t want to feel that hurt.

To watch a video of what could be the saddest moment in that person’s life–a person who doesn’t know me at all–when I knew it would break my heart right along with theirs.

That’s community.

And, that’s the life I choose to live.

To join with them on this journey.

To be a part.

I ask to join you on your journey. If you will have me.

I ask to support you, encourage you, and be there with Likes and comments exactly when you need it.

At least I’ll try to any way.

Y’all be blessed tonight. Keep sharing! And, God bless.

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