I started something new this week. And, I’m not sure how my gypsy spirit likes it.

I’m not an organized person. I don’t really want to be either. However, I am in a glorious time in my life filled with joyous pursuits, new clients, more hours and a love for writing that forces me into this new realm of TIME BLOCKS. I say that in all caps like it’s a bad word. You see, I hate time blocks. To me, it is a bad word. A horrible four-letter word that should be expunged from my vocabulary. But, it can’t. It’s in there swirling around on my tongue making everything bitter and resentment.

Okay, not really. It’s a 4-letter word followed by a 6-letter word.

Ugh. So, on Sunday, I began a campaign to see where my time is spent. I drove to my local Dollar Tree, bought a cutey dollar journal and a pack of pens, then came home with my organization hat on ready to see where and when I spend my time.

And, you know what, I’m like a crazy busy person! But, aren’t we all.

I write. I pray. I spend time with God listening. I read. I spend time with my beautiful daughter. I work for my clients. I homeschool. I feed and love our pets. Did I mention that I have a husband? Oh! And, play guitar! And,….

All these chunks go neatly — or not so neatly — into my day. Some times smoothly, other times…wow. But, since Sunday, I discovered one thing:

It’s going much more calmly.

Seriously. I see my time. I see where it goes. I pat myself on the back for sneaking my writing in. When you are a social media maven for companies, it’s hard to sit down and write for yourself. When you are a mother, it’s hard to do anything for yourself. But, I’m doing it. And, now I see it. And, now it’s like breathing again after I’ve been trapped underwater for a really long time.

I had no idea it would feel this way.

And, I’m grateful.

Thanks for being with me, guys and gals! I pray you enjoy your day! What ways do you have to stay organized on your writing journey? Or, any journey for that matter! Please share below! Love y’all! ~DMM

P.S. I’ll be posting my organization journal method soon! Make sure you come back for more!

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