I dont know why it makes me feel better…

But, it does.

For some reason recapping my day piece by piece gives me…




So, today I am outside getting ready. I feel anxious today. A lot of people have been sharing with me they feel the same way. Is it just in my area? Or, is there an anxious spirit among us right now permeating our thoughts, distracting our minds and raising our blood pressures?

Maybe I havent been writing enough lately. I feel all the words cramming up like a giant traffic jam with 5,000 cars trying to funnel down one lane.

Writing helps me get the words out — the pent-up anxieties that clog my mind throughout the day as a writer, mother, wife and friend. Anxieties.

So, today, I sit outside and write. First, I’m will pray about my day and write it down. Write about my prayers and expectations. My gratitudes and my to dos with cute little boxes I get to check or x out when I’m through.

Ahhhhhh. Anxiety, I vanquish you. You have no place in my writer’s mind.

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