I’ve been thinking a lot about Mary today. She’s this week’s “Women of Christmas” topic of our book chat taking place over at my Facebook page.

How old was she?

What color was her hair?

I’ve been thinking about what her parents said? I realized today there is no mention of them in the Bible.

Why is that?

What were they like–especially her mom? As a mother, I think about these things.

I’ve been thinking about what questions I would ask her.

How old were you?

What were you doing when the Angel Gabriel appeared?

What was your relationship with God before and after all this?

Did you ever doubt God? Even when you saw your Son die on the cross?

Did Jesus ever have temper tantrums?

I have questions. And, I know that God has all the answers. So, I will ask Him.

If you could ask Mary anything, what would it be? Please comment below.

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