So, for this week I’ve been in bed resting a lot because I haven’t felt good, my allergies are chaos exemplified, and I just don’t have it in me to get up and do a whole lot.

But, I wanted to reach out to you to see how you are because so many times people ask you how you are only to be able to tell you how they are.

So, today let me know how you are. Are you rocking 2020? Are you telling your New Year’s resolutions, “I got this!” and there’s no stopping you?

Or, are you like me, and we have a little setback, but that’s not going to detour us for having the best year we can have?

Let me know! I’m going back to watching YouTube videos and drinking OJ and hot tea.

And, maybe do a little writing, too. 😉

God bless!


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