I hate children.

Not my own, of course. And, there are a few others I enjoy being around. But, for the most part…

I hate children.

Frankly, they are exhausting to me. They run amok. A lot.

For decades, I helped in children’s Sunday School at every church I’ve ever attended. And, when I was younger I enjoyed it. Plus, I was really good at it.

The kids liked me. We had FUN. We sang songs, drew pictures, learned about Jesus and his friends. You know…all the good stuff.

But, now? My old jaded self doesn’t need or desire to be a responsible adult devoting my life to the enrichment and education of tiny wee humans.

Just because I’m good at something doesn’t mean I need to be doing it.

And, I’m still good at. I’m good at a lot of things. I can cook but don’t enjoy it. I can mow a mean yard, but I don’t need to start my own lawn care biz.

I have one thing I like. It brings me joy. I love doing it. I’ll do it again and again. It’s something I’m good at…I hope.

Right now, I choose to devote my time to writing–the thing I want to be good at. I no longer will do things because I happen to be good at them. I will do things I am good at–or want to be good at–that I enjoy doing. And, I thank God for that.

What is something you know, that you know, that you know that you’re good at? Do share! Please let me know below.

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