Not all of us were blessed with a doting father.

My daughter and I are watching the series Arrow from the beginning. Right now, we’re on Season 2 Episode 14, I believe.

One of the characters is Detective Lance. He is a doting and wonderful father. All fathers should imbue loving kindness like he does. He’s perceptive. He’s inquisitive. He’s intelligent. He stands by you. He never leaves you. He’s always there no matter what his children are going through–no matter how drunk or drug addicted or how many people they’ve killed. (This is Arrow, by the way.)

He doesn’t always agree with what they’re doing, of course. Because, like I said, drug addiction, alcoholism, and killing sprees aren’t the usual family dinner fodder.

But he is there. Always.

No matter what.

I accepted a long time ago that my father isn’t here. He never has been. He never will be.

But, that’s okay. I am on my journey. And, my journey is father free.

So, each Father’s Day I celebrate my mom. She had to do all the mom things and all the dad things. She is to be applauded, praised and blessed. She worked her butt off all of my life to provide for me. When other children had two parents working, I had one and still had everything I needed.

I still do. She is still here for me every single day. I don’t need a earthly dad, because I have God and my Mom.

Happy Father’s Day, Mom. You are the best Dad a girl could ask for. 💖

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  1. Your mom sounds like a phenomenal woman. Blessings to both of you ❤️

    1. Thank you so much. She most definitely is! Thanks for stopping by. Blessings to you as well!

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