Hey there, Jelly Beans! 🤪⁠

Are you in need of a good book? ⁠

But, you don’t want to leave the comfort of your casa? ⁠

I gotchu!⁠

My episodic story, The Secrets of Claymore Castle is now LIVE on Kindle Vella!⁠

I have a tendency to not want to tell people what I’m up to because, well, it’s that introvert writer in me peeping out of her shy little shell to say…⁠

I really want you to know! I’m sooooo excited about my newest fictional baby!⁠

Thirteen-year-old Henri Clay never knew a note passed to him in class by the new girl could get him killed. ⁠

It’s a SUPER fun read (if I do say so myself!)⁠


• Family Secrets⁠
• Espionage⁠
• Lies⁠
• A window that’s not a window. ⁠

Yep! That’s right! ⁠

So, if you want a fun read, please head over to The Secrets of Claymore Castle and start reading today. Just click here.

It’s totally fun for readers of all ages. ⁠

The first three episodes are completely free to read. After that, you can purchase tokens (They are totally cheap too!) to keep reading. ⁠

Pssssst…..here’s a secret—They gave me FREE tokens to keep reading so you may get some too! I’m not making any promises, but I know the lovelies at Kindle Vella blessed me with some, so maybe they’ll bless you too! ⁠

But, if not, each tokens supports an indie writer. There are so many fantastic stories on Kindle Vella! After you read mine, do a search for your fave genre and discover what else is out there. You’ll be HOOKED! ⁠

So, if you want to check out my newest story, the link is right here. ⁠

I’d love to know what you think! And, if you like what you read, please like and follow my account so you won’t miss out on my latest episodes. I try to post a new one each week. ⁠

I love you! Thanks for reading and thanks for your support! 💖 Oh! I promised health update, too! I’ll get to that asap.

Have a blessed Sunday!⁠


2 responses to “Read My Newest Fictional Baby! – The Secrets of Claymore Castle on Kindle Vella”

  1. You do not write like an introvert. I believe there is an extrovert trying to come out! I do want to thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I hope it can provide you with some inspiration-even though it sounds like you have plenty. Congratulations on your new title coming out.

    1. You just blessed me so much! Thanks!!! And, I look forward to reading more of your blog. 💖

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