Hey there, my writing friend! 

This is your chance to go to the next step with your writing. 

To make your writing important. 

To show yourself and everyone you know that you are serious about your dream. 

My job is to get you writing right now. So, I’ve put together a set of tools I call the Start Writing NOW Bundle so you can do just that. In addition to your free gift–Find Your Five: Five Ways to Find Your Five–you’ll find: 

Digital Hacks to GET and KEEP you WRITING!  This one’s my fave. I’m just going to be honest! It’s full of the tips, tricks and hacks I use EVERY DAY to get and keep myself writing while being a mom, a business owner, a caregiver, a pet mom + MORE. Write any where, any time with this powerful resource.   ($27 value)

5 Ways to Block Out Writers Block – Never be blocked again with these easy-peasy tips to keep your creative juices flowing. It’s the truth! (Valued at $23!)

Writing Without Writing – 5 Things to do in 5 minutes to propel your writing forward INCLUDES A BONUS TIP! Writings not always about writing. In this download, I share with you 5 easy and FAST ways to write without writing. I bet my top picks will inspire you to think of some of your own! ($20 value!)

Your new Start Writing NOW! Bundle is valued at $70, but I’m giving it away right now for $7!

That’s right! Click here now before the price goes up like the price of gasoline.

If you want the next step in your writing, this is it. 

Here’s the link to get your bundle of tools NOW! AND, if you haven’t yet…

I would love for you to join us in our online community Let’s Write Already! — For Busy People Who Want to WRITE. It’s completely free. In it, you’ll find much-needed community with like-minded creatives, encouragement and inspiration for your writing, MOTIVATION to get words on the page, (What writer doesn’t need that?!?!) AND our special events each week, which include Writing Targets Monday, Teaching Tuesdays and Friday Fundays! Come join us and let’s write already! It’s time for your writing dreams to become your writing realities! Just click here. 

The Start Writing NOW Bundle for aspiring and new writers by Dawn Michelle Michals

Get your Start Writing NOW bundle right now. Click here! 

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  1. Amazing content. Great ideas for writers of all stages.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH. I pray it blesses and encourages those who want to be on this writing journey.

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