Time Journey -Stage 1

I want you to know one thing first… This is not about time blocks. This is not about “from 7am to 7:30am I will do this. ” Or, “from 9am to 9:15am I will do that.” That, frankly, gets my heart racing and my stomach hurting. This is not about organization, multitasking or showing offContinue reading “Time Journey -Stage 1”

Time Fragments ~ Piecing Together Lost Chunks of Days

Time is such a special part of all of us, yet so often we don’t even care. We only have so much of it. Tiny fragments that we piece together every day to call it the “best day ever” or the “best moment ever.” But, is it? Will we remember it? When tomorrow comes, willContinue reading “Time Fragments ~ Piecing Together Lost Chunks of Days”

How a notebook and pen saved my life.

I few days ago l, I wrote to you about My New 4-letter Word. It’s complexities overwhelmed me as I fidgeted and swore I would never do time blocks or organize my schedule. That all changed today. I’m at peace. I’m motivated. I’m calm. All because of a simple notebook and a pen. You see,Continue reading “How a notebook and pen saved my life.”