Good evening, everybody! I have something to share with you tonight! And, I hope you’ll want to join me. You see… I LOVE CHRISTMAS. And, I love sharing this season with people. Sooooo…. I’ve started a NEW BOOK CHAT! And, I hope you will join in! On November, 10th, I would love to share andContinue reading “BOOK CHAT UPDATE!”

Broken Pieces and New Seasons

I’ve had this mug for 30 years. And, the other day my dear sweet husband brought me all the broken pieces. I saw his devastated face before I saw what he held in the dust pan. Pieces of 30 years of my life. It lived with me before I left home for the first time.Continue reading “Broken Pieces and New Seasons”

Being Fruit-full

Do you have peace and joy in what you are doing? Maybe you’re not in God’s will. Let’s be pruned today and walk in His plans for us!

Sharing the Old to Make Things New

Look what I found tonight… I was shocked actually. LOL And, more so since I’ve been looking for these writings for a while now. They’ve been churning in my spirit. My past life as a writer before I stopped to be a mom. I need to share that with you, too! But for today,Continue reading “Sharing the Old to Make Things New”