“Ruling things out” — Drs appts, lab work and bloodwork results

Ok….Let’s back up. In my previous post, we explored that my retina specialist wants me to have an MRI to rule out MS. That took a lot less time to explain than I thought. The moment I left my specialist’s office, I emailed my primary care physician. I explained what was happening in hopes heContinue reading ““Ruling things out” — Drs appts, lab work and bloodwork results”

“Ruling things out” —Walking with God through MS…possibly.

On an evening in February 2021, I closed my laptop and decided to rest after a full day of attending an online conference. I felt migrainy. If you’re blessed with migraines you totally understand what I’m saying here. So, I sat back and relaxed, popped three aspirin and and prayed against the squiggly lines thatContinue reading ““Ruling things out” —Walking with God through MS…possibly.”

What’s one thing that God wants us to do?

Today, as I was doing Morning Prayer in the Book of Common Prayer, this verse jumped out to me while I was reading the designated Psalm for today — Psalm 71. In the BCP, it’s wording is slightly different. Here it is: “But, I shall always wait in patience, and shall praise you more andContinue reading “What’s one thing that God wants us to do?”

What I’m scared of.

I am scared. I’m scared of where this world is coming to. I am scared that my special needs daughter won’t make it in society. I’m scared of a thousand more things that I can’t think of right now. And, that’s okay. In Psalm 56:3, it says: “When I am afraid. I put my trustContinue reading “What I’m scared of.”

Words Cannot Describe

I went to my favorite spot yesterday. I go there a lot. Hence the “favorite spot.” 😊 Look at the sky. As a writer,  I hold on to words to explain things. To help you imagine. But, words couldn’t describe the reflection on the lake. Saying it was like glass is too cliche. It wasContinue reading “Words Cannot Describe”