Whatever Happens.

Do you ever do things you wished you hadn’t? Like yell at your kid then find out they weren’t doing what you yelled at them about? Or, talk bad about a friend who wronged you but then it turned out to be a total misunderstanding? In other words… You were completely… absolutely… wrong. 🤦‍♀️ We’veContinue reading “Whatever Happens.”

Trust and Acorns – Thinking big even when your dreams seem small.

Hey, beautiful soul! I have a story to share with you. It’s a story about a mother, a daughter,  some trust and a thousand acorns.  Here goes… When I told my daughter that this acorn would grow into a mighty oak tree like the ones we were surrounded by, she didn’t believe me. I guessContinue reading “Trust and Acorns – Thinking big even when your dreams seem small.”

The Deception of the Pear

Yesterday, I found a pear to eat. Dark bruises mottled its pearness. A gash separated its skin from its flesh. But, I wanted this pear. So, I got a knife. And, I gently peeled back the skin taking away the bruises and the gashes. And, what did I find? A beautifully, perfect pear just theContinue reading “The Deception of the Pear”


Good evening, everybody! I have something to share with you tonight! And, I hope you’ll want to join me. You see… I LOVE CHRISTMAS. And, I love sharing this season with people. Sooooo…. I’ve started a NEW BOOK CHAT! And, I hope you will join in! On November, 10th, I would love to share andContinue reading “BOOK CHAT UPDATE!”