“Ruling Things Out” — The “No Word” Update

Welcome to my latest edition of "Ruling Things Out - Walking with God through MS...possibly." Where I have absolutely nothing to update or share. 😳 I shared it in one of my last posts that when you don't want to get in the MRI tube because you have panic attacks and a new claustrophobia thing … Continue reading “Ruling Things Out” — The “No Word” Update

“Ruling things out” — I did it! Well…sorta.

*First off, I sent out an email that this is Post #14, and well, I can't do math. 🙂 So, here we are with Post #13. Well, I did it! Sorta. Kinda. I emailed my PCP the details about the Open MRI place I found two hours from my house. So, now we wait. tick … Continue reading “Ruling things out” — I did it! Well…sorta.