I wanna buy ya a coffee.

Seriously. It's Bring a Friend to Work Week! Or, at least to my new Facebook Group. I'm determined this year to get you writing! And I want to help business owners get their word out, show their pizzazz, and tell the world why they are the experts. So I created Be the Expert! - Grow … Continue reading I wanna buy ya a coffee.

Aspiring Writers UNITE!

Do you dream of being a writer? Do you not have time to write? Let's fix that! Let's write already! Come over and join my new Facebook Group. We offer community, like-minded creatives, encouragement and the support you need to see your writing dreams become realities. Here's the link to check it out: http://www.facebook.com/groups/letswritealready

“I did it.”

I did it... These are the words that I saw recently in one of the comments of my new Facebook group. It made me all bubbly inside. You see… This is the stuff I live for! One of our newest members wrote this week after taking a much-too-long hiatus from her writing. Here's what she … Continue reading “I did it.”

“Some Day is TODAY” – Join “Let’s Write Already” and become a writer TODAY.

I realized something recently.I don’t really know you.I don’t know your hopes and dreams.I don’t know your passion. And that has to stop today!I have one question for you:Are you a writer at heart?You know I am. So, I was wondering how many other people are out here wishing, praying and hoping that one day they … Continue reading “Some Day is TODAY” – Join “Let’s Write Already” and become a writer TODAY.