A few days ago, I sat at the lake.

A dragonfly caught my eye. It flitted over the grass, then skimmed across the water.

You could see its joy. It’s body flying at top speed like a missile above the crests. It didn’t hover. It didn’t waver. It flew…like a jet.

So often we hover and waver. We go through life without authority. Why?

This is our life to live. The one granted to us by God the Father to serve Him. To live. To live our lives one day at a time in a time of great uncertainity. But, we have all of the authority. We have all of the authority in Christ to live our lives exactly the way God intended. Without fault or wavering. Without delay.

What is stopping you today? What is preventing you from being the person God created you to be?

We have a way. The Holy Spirit is here to guide us. To skim us across the waters with authority, with purpose, with self respect. We are here. We’ve been put here for a purpose. Let’s live it. No matter what anybody else thinks.


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