Broken Pieces and New Seasons

I’ve had this mug for 30 years. And, the other day my dear sweet husband brought me all the broken pieces. I saw his devastated face before I saw what he held in the dust pan. Pieces of 30 years of my life. It lived with me before I left home for the first time.Continue reading “Broken Pieces and New Seasons”

It’s Cork-poppin’ Time!

God wants us to make Him an important friend. Do you tell your bestie what you want in life, or do you keep it bottled up tightly inside with the cork on and the wrapping still around the bottle?

The Library

As a writer, you often have to write about things near and dear to your heart. Make that need to write about. When I walk into a library my worries melt away. That may sound cliche’, but to me it’s an escape, an emotional getaway. A release of the every day life into a realmContinue reading “The Library”

Is It Time to Move Upon the Waters?

A few days ago, I sat at the lake. A dragonfly caught my eye. It flitted over the grass, then skimmed across the water. You could see its joy. It’s body flying at top speed like a missile above the crests. It didn’t hover. It didn’t waver. It flew…like a jet. So often we hoverContinue reading “Is It Time to Move Upon the Waters?”

What Inspires You?

Yesterday, I visited Georgetown, Texas, and I came across a place called the Monument Cafe. Let me just say — the BEST rootbeer I’ve ever tasted. But, that’s for another blog post. I ordered my standard — a decaf coffee, cream and sugar. And, this appeared: A beautiful cup of perfectly temperatured coffee placed onContinue reading “What Inspires You?”