What does this mean? Do I even know?

I woke up yesterday after a night of praying and that is what I got.

I write for God about God.

God has now given me a focus on my writing. I was all over the place. I like a lot of different things. Minimalism. Simple living. Survival skills. And, all this time I wasn’t sure what I wanted to focus on. Do I divide up my life into different categories? Different genres? Am I capable of writing about so many topics that I am not the authority on one?

Or, is that okay? Like a dancer who is a singer? Or, a singer who is an actress? And, a clothing designer? And, a race car driver?

Am I spreading myself too thin?

Never. But, how. I know what’s right. I know what God himself wants me to do. After much prayer and seeking, He told me.

Write for me. About me. All the time.


So here I am, folks. Writing for HIM.

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