I spent a lot of years wasting my time.

Too many.

I’d run from one thing to another. From one great scheme, great job, great guy.

But, all were fruit-less.

Yes, I had successes at my job. No success at random schemes (Let’s forget about being a Mary Kay consultant, shall we?) And, well, we won’t mention the guys.

I didn’t know God, I didn’t know favor, and I certainly didn’t know how to be in God’s will.

God’s will. It’s a funny thing. And, our place in it?

Well, that’s even funnier.

He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. ~ John 15:2 NIV

I like a lot of things.





I love these things. And, I’m pretty good at all of them. Okay, maybe not dancing as much, unless it’s strictly ballroom, and then I’ve been known to be pretty decent in fact!

I love all of these. But, are they what God wants me to be doing? To be focused on?

I’m not saying to give up yours dreams of dancing on Broadway. But, is God’s will for you Broadway? Or something else? Something bigger? Something smaller? Bigger, like teaching kids dance at your local after-school program and giving them an opportunity they may not have. Smaller, like dancing in your kitchen in the morning sunlight like I like to do.

But, we are still dancing. And, feeling joy in it. That is the key. Do you feel JOY in what you are doing?

There a lot of things I am good at, but not all bring me joy.

And, peace.

And, knowing that I am in His will.

Being in God’s will is a place of comfort. It doesn’t mean He won’t take you out of your comfort zone. But, as he prunes you to show you what “bears no fruit,” He’ll also prune you to show you what does!

Are you going through a pruning? What is being pruned? And, what is being shown?

Heavenly Father, we ask today that you prune us for Your glory. We ask that you take away what is not in your will and we ask that you shine what is. Help us to know Your course for our lives and the riches according to your glory. We love you, Lord.


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