Let God be God. A blog post by Dawn Michelle Michals on www.dawnmichellemichals.com.

I know at times I try to be God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but I am not any of these three.

Be grateful for that. 😊

I try to be in control. I think I AM in control. And, then I get all befuddled when things don’t go exactly how I want them.

But, for me, a change is coming…

It’s time to let God be God. To get out of the way. To sit and be and rest in all that He has for me. I trust Him. I will trust Him.

Do you need to trust Him too? In your life? In your work? With everything that is going on in our country? With COVID-19?

Know that God is God. HE is still in control. He will always be.

If you are having problems trusting God today, I am right here with you. You are not alone. And, it doesn’t make you a “bad Christian” either. We are in the midst of a rough go right now. And, when trusting ANYONE these days is hard, God totally understands that it can be hard to trust in Him, too.

He will not punish us for it. He will not bless someone else. He is a loving Father who wants what’s best for us and protects us.

Today, I choose to trust God – in everything and in every way.

Let’s pray…

God, we know you are in control. We know you have all things in Your capable hands. We trust you today with our lives, our family’s lives and this nation. Please help us to see your hand at work, and please help us to be your light in every situation. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Have a blessed rest of the week, my friend.


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