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A few months back I wrote a post called FOMO vs. Jesus. You can catch it here if you missed it.

In it, I spoke about how as Christians we shouldn’t have a Fear of Missing Out.

And, I truly believe that. God will not let us miss out on anything we are planned to do if we are following Him. Let me reiterate – if we are following Him.

But, since I’ve written that post, I’ve had a problem.

I discovered I have FOMO.

A severe case, in fact.

So today I want to address it. Embrace it.

And, release it to God.

You see…

I like to be busy. Or, at least I thought I did. I had to be at all the parties, be in all the groups, attend all the online chats, and be at every gathering, get-together, function, party, meeting and event I could handle, which turns out to be a lot.

But, I noticed something…

I wasn’t happy.

I was sick all the time.

I was really stressed out.

Can you feel me?

I had FOMO. I still have FOMO. But, today I will let it go.

The Bible says to not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow has enough troubles of its own. (My paraphrase of Matthew 6:34)

Tomorrow has enough troubles of its own.

I need to be in today, in this moment, in this very second. So now, I wake up not looking at my planner, but first asking God, “What do you have for me to do today?” And, I do it. And, I take a deep breath in knowing that whatever God wants of me – it will happen.

Wherever He has me placed.

Whatever He wants me to do.

Whoever He wants me to chat with.

It will happen. In His timing.

I’ve noticed I don’t miss the important things. I don’t miss important meetings and events that are on my calendar. I noticed I am more interested in developing my time. And, I’ve noticed I have a lot more of it! 

Today, will you stand in prayer with me that my FOMO be released to Dad? I no longer wish to worry about what I’m missing out on, because in the arms of Jesus, I won’t miss a thing.

For Him,


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