Rainy days…

A photo of a window with drops of rain on it with trees in the background. Photo by Dawn Michelle Michals www.dawnmichellemichals.com

They are my absolute favorite. I love the sound of the rain on my window pane. I love watching the drips pelt the glass.

I love listening for the sounds of thunder.

But, above all else, I know that at some point the rain will end, the sun will shine again, and if I’m ever so blessed, I will see that rainbow. 

I know not everyone views the rain like I do. They feel it’s dreary and gray. Maybe even a little hopeless.

When the “rain” comes in your life, don’t despair. It WILL end. This just might be your rainy season. But, like all things, seasons change. And, know that your sunshine is coming just over the horizon. ⛅

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