I needed this.

A friend of mine sent this scripture to me yesterday.

You see…

We are working on a “new thing.”

And, we are both kinda crazy excited/scared about it.

Do you know that feeling?

When you reeeeealllly want something and have been praying about it but you’re scared it either won’t happen or you’ll fail?

Yeah. That one.

So when she sent me this I relaxed. Why?

Because God is doing a new thing!

And, to be honest,  I really need a new thing right now.  Lol

We’ve decided that this is our scripture for our new project. And, that God will be in control every step of the way.

Do you have a “new thing” coming your way?

Do you have a “go-to” scripture to propel you along? Please let me know by sharing it below!

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