I had to repost this. This hit the nail on the head for me. Time values. Time management (It’s a lie, btw). And, how to approach other people’s values all wrapped up in one easy-to-read package. I will turn to this post again and again. Happy reading! ~Dawn

I’ve never really had too much of an issue with managing my time, unless I’ve taken on more than I am able to chew on, then that’s an entirely different story. I don’t do this too often anymore, I’ve become really good at saying no to the things that I dont really want to do. […]

My View on Time Management

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  1. Loved what you said about not comparing ourselves to others! We’re all on our own journeys and moving at our own pace. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others but rather concentrate on living the best life we can.

  2. Yes! But, that is so hard for me. The old comparison game. I’m getting better at not participating. Lol

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