It appears as though that when you fail to crawl into the tiny tube of death, your doctors stop calling.

I’m hearin’ crickets over here.

But, you know who hates crickets?

My mother. Who’s evidently called every hospital and imaging lab within a 120 mile radius of our home.

Thank you, Mom. 🥰

No one loves me like you.

And, we’ve learned one thing…

People have differing definitions of an “open MRI.”

A true open MRI is–in fact–open. Imagine two ginormous hamburger buns with me as the meat in the middle. That is an open MRI.

Not a tube.

Not a slightly bigger tube known as the 3T, that hospital after hospital tried to play off as an open MRI until we asked the right question.

I’m not getting in your tube, people.

I’m learning so much! And, will soon be an MRI expert and able to sell equipment since I’ll know all the specs.

I even found out that there’s one that I can sit in and the scan happens around me without the Sparta helmet or a tube! I’m checking on that one tomorrow.

In order to learn about what an Open MRI really is, I hopped over to YouTube to check it out. The first video that popped up looked promising so I clicked on it. While watching, I sent up a quick, silent thought–barely a prayer– that I hoped this place was close to me. And, guess what.

God heard me like he always does. The people who posted my randomly found YouTube video are 1 hour and 44 minutes away. That’s close enough for me!

So, now, I call RS again (since he’s not calling me back hence the “crickets”) to make sure this hamburger MRI gives him the scans he needs. But, since it’s his only option….🤷‍♀️

And, then I’ll email my primary care physician with all of the details and the fax number to book my open MRI.

Let’s get these crickets chirping!

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Have a blessed day!

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  1. Sending you love, light and healing all the way from South Africa. I havent gottwn to reading everything. Thats going on with you but God is with you and He is guiding your way.

    1. Thank you so much this. I needed it. You blessed me. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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