I wanted to share this with you.

Not because it’s based on a post I did.

But because it’s based on God. And, these words need to be heard.

And the fact that every single thought in moriba sababu’s post is so full of wisdom and insight. That’s it’s like he’s been in my home this week sitting on my couch and talking with me even though he hasn’t. From quoting some of my all-time favorite scriptures to even discussing digestion, which just so happened to be our topic for science last week. When God says in his Word that the followers are “like minded,” he truly means it. This doesn’t mean we are drones, robots or ignorant, mindless fools. This means God’s Word is truth, and he gives his spirit, knowledge and wisdom to those who truly follow and believe.

Check out moriba’s follow-up post below. His wisdom, inspiration and love of God are evident. I am in awe and humbled yet again. 💖

— Once again I find myself dipping my thoughts ever deeper into Dawn Michelle Michals’ blogs The First Shall be Last, and The First shall be last 2 so as to hopefully make myself more clear to her, and possibly others… not I fear… dig an even deeper well!! — bymoriba sababu Quote: For the […]


5 responses to “A MUCH FURTHER LOOK AT THE FIRST SHALL BE LAST, and THE LAST SHALL BE FIRST – from moriba’s corner”

  1. Thanks for reading, and appreciating my small contribution to our mutual rumination on a few potent Words that is said to have been uttered by The Christ… such Spiritual food is necessary to strengthen one’s resolve, and awaken one to the otherwise unconsidered realities of God…

  2. Thank YOU, moriba. I so appreciate this exchange and how you drew me closer to God in it. I hope this isn’t the last of our conversation.

    1. My dear Dawn… how can this possibly be the ‘last’ of our fruitful conversations, when we have only just met…?

      There is so much to be said, and so little time to say it all… so I am sure we won’t waste the ability that the Creator has given us…

  3. You are wonderful. I’m so glad God has put us in this WordPress “place.”

    1. Thank you…!

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