If you read my last post, you know we have a lot going on at my house.

And, none of it good.

Well, some of it. Maybe.

The temps are trying to cool down. The cats continue to play. Juju continues to love me and try to sit on my shoulder or be held as I type. (You’ll see his sweet little mug if you head over to my Instagram. He makes cute, mandatory appearances over their quite often. @dmmwrites) And, I’m trying to write when I can and have the mental capacity to do so. When your life is in upheaval, it’s kinda hard to concentrate on words.

But, I’m here. And, I’m holding on. To God. To y’all. To my family. The only way I am making it through this at all is Him. His love. His favor. His anointing. I am His and He is mine. Praise Him.

I saw this scripture and had to share it with you.

All my longings lie open before you, Lord;

    my sighing is not hidden from you.

Psalm 38:9 (NIV)

You know when you inadvertently sigh? When people you don’t even know recognize that something is wrong because we all know “that sigh?”

I catch myself sighing often these days. I’m sure that is why God showed me this verse. And, when He did, I melted.

He hears my sighs, too.

They are not hidden from Him.

They are not ignored by Him because He has something better to do than deal with me right now.

He. hears. every. one.

And, He sighs with me. He is with me in the yuck. He is with me in the blessing moments and the cry moments and the sigh moments.

And, He is with you too. He loves you. He is with you. He is making a way. He is bulldozing all the junk the enemy is trying to put in our paths to discourage us and He is going to make a way to conquer. Trust Him.

And, breathe. Not a tragic and deflated sigh.

But, a breath of relief.

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5 responses to “He sees. –Psalm 38:9”

  1. Yes absolutely God is always with us. He loves us, He makes a way for us. He is our protector. Well written 👌🌹❣️

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  3. Nice blog!
    Do visit to my blog and follow it if you like…

    1. Thank you so much, Shristy! I’ll head over to yours, too! Thanks so much for stopping by!

      1. It’s my pleasure dear..ok

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