It’s a lazy Sunday at my house.

And, what do I like to do best on a lazy Sunday afternoon?


Right now, I’m reading Holly’s Homecoming by Jenny Knifper thanks to a recommendation by fellow author Shirley Robinson. Shirley has a beautiful Advent devotional called Messiah Resounding available on Amazon. Click here to check it out!

I’m really liking Holly’s Homecoming so far! And, yes! I will of course leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. FYI, that’s the BEST way to support a fellow author!

What are you reading today? Please share below! I love #tbr ideas!

Need something to read today? I just uploaded “A New Day,” Episode 10 of The Secrets of Claymore Castle. If you need to catch up on episodes, a lazy Sunday afternoon seems to be the perfect time to me. 😁💖

Have fun with whatever you are reading or doing today. And, please share your current read below for all of us! We’d love to know! Maybe some of us are reading the same thing!

To start reading The Secrets of Claymore Castle, click here:

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