I’ve literally spent a week trying to decide what to share with you all next, and I have literally no idea.

Sometimes you just have to start writing. Sometimes you just have to be kind and let people know how much they are loved. So today, I’m coming at you just to let you know you are LOVED.

My mind, body and spirit are so busy right now, I can’t even think. And I hate that. I like to live in peace and joy and right now I’m anything but.

Which tells me it’s time I stop and breathe and chat with you all.

Because I bet a lot of you are feeling the same way I am right now.

So I tell myself it’s OK because sometimes, in seasons, we’re just too busy. And sometimes, in seasons, life takes over and our peace and joy just fly out the window.

But I also know I can take a deep breath and take it back.

So today, I want to remind you that if your mind is reeling, and your blood pressure’s up, and you feel like you’re losing it all, BREATHE. 

I want you to breathe in your peace and joy. I want you to trust God. I want you to believe in yourself, and I want you to know that it’s gonna be a great day.

Now, tell me. Are you all ready for Christmas at your house? Or, are you in panic mode? We will breathe through that too! 

I think I have everything finished. I have gifts for my daughter. Eggnog in the fridge. And, enough creamer for my coffee to last until the stores reopen after Christmas. (Priorities, People!) 

Let me know below how it’s going for you! 

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