Good morning, Friends!

I am going to Selena Soo’s 3-Day Best-Kept Secret Challenge, and I had to share it with you.

Why? Because I want you to go with me!

In it, Selena will teach us not only how to build our publicity plan but also how to pitch to the media with confidence.

Getting your posts, articles and ideas out to the media is how you become the expert they call when they need that:

🔸️Sound bite
🔸️Expert knowledge
🔸️Fact checking

I want to be THAT person. Do you?

PLUS, I definitely want more media confidence. Knowledge is power, people! If you want to go it’s completely free. What’s better than a FREE investment in your business???

Like I said, I’m going! And if you can’t make it live, Selena and her team will send you the replays. But you have to be signed up to receive them.

Here’s my affiliate link to sign up today! Then mark your calendars. This is the good stuff!

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