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I know how you feel.

I once worked 40 hours a week, plus led worship at my church, plus had a dog and cat rescue (that’s a WHOLE other post!).

But I dreamed of writing.

Do you?

But do you find yourself saying, “One day when I have time.”?

That used to be me. But now, I write full time.

And I want to teach you all my tips and tricks of how I did it. And I still do it to this day. Because now I’m a mom, and all you parents out here know…

I’m busier now than when I worked 8 to 5!

So, I still use my own hacks daily to help me find time to write! Join me in my new Facebook Group Let’s Write Already! – For busy people who want to write! In it you’ll find:

  • Motivation and encouragement for your writing journey.
  • Weekday LIVES where we set our Writing Targets, stay motivated and learn some stuff about fiction writing!
  • All the community you need to get writing and stay writing!
  • All the time hacks you need to find that time to WRITE!

Interested? Click here to join and become part of a fun and active aspiring writer community. We can’t wait to meet you!

Are you a writer? Aspiring writer? What’s your biggest struggle with your writing? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 responses to “Do you want to write but don’t have the time?”

  1. I definitely have been struggling to find the time to write these days since I get quite busy with everything else going on in my life. I will definitely be checking out your group!

    1. I just tried to view the group but it says the link may be broken. It might be an issue from my side but just wanted to let you know in case.

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