It happened. And I’m recovery.

It happened. ⁠

Saturday, I opened the doc of my newest episode of The Secrets of Claymore Castle to finish it up and…⁠



My spirit deflated. My head hung low. I did all the “things” you do to try to recover from this, but…⁠

I guess God edited it for me. 🤣⁠

He did more than edit it. He wiped it from existence.

All I have to say is, Episode 14 Take 2 will be even BETTER than Episode 14 Take 1!⁠

You just gotta go with the flow with these things. Right? (TBH, I sooooo didn’t feel like this at the time. LOL)⁠

What’s your worst tech nightmare that’s happened to you? How did you handle it? Let me know below! ⁠

And if you’d like to check out Episodes 1-13 while I’m rewriting Episode 14, click here to begin reading.💖⁠


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