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First off, how have YOU been? I really want to know. Please drop it in the comments below. I’m here for prayer, encouragement or a laugh anytime.

Second off — that somehow doesn’t sound right — I want to let you know that my newest episode of The Secrets of Claymore Castle is now LIVE on Kindle Vella. Here’s the link to check it out and begin reading. I do hope you like it. Please let me know! And please be sure to like and follow on Kindle Vella when you get there.

Third off (Yeah. It still sounds weird.), I also want to remind you that I go LIVE everyday on my Facebook page at 11:15am CST. If you can’t catch me LIVE, no worries! I share each video to my page when I’m finished so you can watch or listen anytime! This week I talked about

And who knows what I’ll chat with you about today! Tune in if you can! And, if you can’t, like I said, no worries! Catch the replays anytime! And please be sure to comment so I know you stopped by!

Also (is that Fourth off?) Don’t forget my devotional 6 Days with Matthew 6 is available as an eBook on Amazon. It’s short, totally giftable (There’s a quick link to send it.) and it’s a great way to bond with a friend, significant other, mom or dad while reading through a devotional together, or apart if you prefer.

If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link.

Thanks for letting me tell you all that I have going on! Now it’s your turn! Let me know about you!

Be blessed!


Dawn Michelle Michals

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