Hey, friends! I just realized…

Some of you may not know I’m now on TikTok and YouTube! So, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my social media sites with you.

You can find me almost everywhere at @dmmwrites. Here’s the links to make it easy!

My email list – This is where the action is. Sneak peeks. Behind the scenes. First reads. Contests. Giveaways and more! I even ask for your thoughts on upcoming scenes, settings, character names and anything else fun we can chat about. Click this link to sign up and find out all of my juicy details before I post it to social media.

Instagram – I’m here pretty much every day. Are you? I’ve made so many great author friends on this platform. I must say, it’s my favorite place to hang out on.

YouTube – Who doesn’t adore YouTube? I have some of my music on here and just now started doing some #shorts. It’s so fun! Pop on over and tell me what you think!

TikTok – I finally did it. I am now part of the TikTok generation. And frankly…I’m having a blast! Are you on there? Come follow me and get ready for pure shenanigans, Jesus and a TikTok trend or two. (Maybe three.)

LinkedIn – I have an account here, but to be honest, I’ve never experienced much momentum. What is your experience over here? Come follow me and maybe we can get the party started.

Facebook – Get ready for writing memes, encouraging posts about God and the ever-faithful 80s and random animal memes. You know…all the things Facebook is good for.

Twitter aka X – Okay. I’m just going to be honest. I get bursts of Twitterdom every so often. I haven’t been on since the switch to X happened. But I still do have an account and will be looking into whether this would be an effective platform for me or not. What are your thoughts? Please chime in!

Tumblr – Some fabulous blogging expert once told me that this was a good place to post about my blogs, so here I am. Are you? Or is this like the new Myspace? God, help me. Somebody let me know.

Pinterest – I am pinning here more and more! And the food pins are amazing! Not mine. LOL I post about my upcoming fiction releases, my latest blog posts and other inspiring writing-related content. Come visit and save some pins! What do you like to search for on Pinterest?

Amazon Author Page – I’m assuming you have an Amazon account. 🙂 Just sayin’. If you go over and follow my Author Page, maybe it will push me up in the algorithm. Who knows! Let’s try it out!

Let’s Write Already! – For busy people who want to WRITE! – This is my Facebook group for writers and potential writers who need love and encouragement on the way to publication. Join us for fun, motivation, and tons of writing and publishing related articles, posts, and videos. If you are a brand-new writer, dream of becoming a writing or are a well-published expert, this is the place for you.

I think that’s it! Did I leave anything out? What social media platforms are you on and which one is your favorite?

Thank you so much for your love and support! DM me and let me know you found me from this post. I’ll be sure to follow you back. Have a blessed day! See you in cyberspace. 🙂

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