I have something exciting to tell you!

I have a new podcast episode up! And this one is with ⁠Vanessa Luu⁠!

Vanessa is a wife, mother, and faith-based writer and podcaster with a fire burning in her soul to reach the world for Jesus.

Her writing began when God taught her that being perfect was not the goal. Instead, it’s about submission, authenticity, and intimacy with God.

She currently speaks on the You Don’t Have to be Perfect!” podcast and will be releasing her 4th book, The Wilderness Remains, later this Fall.

Besides her ⁠books⁠, you can find Vanessa on her social media spaces at ⁠@bodysoulandmindwrites⁠.

We had a few technical difficulties so you will hear a few glitches. Sorry about that.

I pray you enjoy my chat with Vanessa. Click here to check it out.

Until next time,


Dawn Michelle Michals

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