Time Fragments ~ Piecing Together Lost Chunks of Days

Time is such a special part of all of us, yet so often we don’t even care. We only have so much of it. Tiny fragments that we piece together every day to call it the “best day ever” or the “best moment ever.” But, is it? Will we remember it? When tomorrow comes, will we even really care?

Tell me, do you treasure your moments? Or do you toss them like used Kleenex?

Our time is all we have. How do we use it?

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

~Psalms 90:12 KJV https://bible.com/bible/1/psa.90.12.KJV

How a notebook and pen saved my life.

I few days ago l, I wrote to you about My New 4-letter Word. It’s complexities overwhelmed me as I fidgeted and swore I would never do time blocks or organize my schedule.

That all changed today.

I’m at peace.

I’m motivated.

I’m calm.

All because of a simple notebook and a pen. You see, I started valuing my time.

Time is such an important commodity. We often times don’t see it that way. We squander it. We timesuck it away with mindlessness.

So, today, I value my time. I value your time. And, I respect it. Because if we don’t respect each other’s time, who will?

My New 4-letter Word

I started something new this week. And, I’m not sure how my gypsy spirit likes it.

I’m not an organized person. I don’t really want to be either. However, I am in a glorious time in my life filled with joyous pursuits, new clients, more hours and a love for writing that forces me into this new realm of TIME BLOCKS. I say that in all caps like it’s a bad word. You see, I hate time blocks. To me, it is a bad word. A horrible four-letter word that should be expunged from my vocabulary. But, it can’t. It’s in there swirling around on my tongue making everything bitter and resentment.

Okay, not really. It’s a 4-letter word followed by a 6-letter word.

Ugh. So, on Sunday, I began a campaign to see where my time is spent. I drove to my local Dollar Tree, bought a cutey dollar journal and a pack of pens, then came home with my organization hat on ready to see where and when I spend my time.

And, you know what, I’m like a crazy busy person! But, aren’t we all.

I write. I pray. I spend time with God listening. I read. I spend time with my beautiful daughter. I work for my clients. I homeschool. I feed and love our pets. Did I mention that I have a husband? Oh! And, play guitar! And,….

All these chunks go neatly — or not so neatly — into my day. Some times smoothly, other times…wow. But, since Sunday, I discovered one thing:

It’s going much more calmly.

Seriously. I see my time. I see where it goes. I pat myself on the back for sneaking my writing in. When you are a social media maven for companies, it’s hard to sit down and write for yourself. When you are a mother, it’s hard to do anything for yourself. But, I’m doing it. And, now I see it. And, now it’s like breathing again after I’ve been trapped underwater for a really long time.

I had no idea it would feel this way.

And, I’m grateful.

Thanks for being with me, guys and gals! I pray you enjoy your day! What ways do you have to stay organized on your writing journey? Or, any journey for that matter! Please share below! Love y’all! ~DMM

P.S. I’ll be posting my organization journal method soon! Make sure you come back for more!


Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.
James 5:16 NIV

Powerful and effective.

These words stand out to me when I read this scripture.

There is so much to learn about God. His subtleties; His absolute truths.

One thing I know for sure:


You don’t believe me? Maybe you have unanswered prayers? Maybe you’re now singing that Garth Brooks’ song from the 90s. Maybe you think that God is so big and power and busy that “Why would He care about me?”

Because He does.

The Bible is explicit when it comes to how to ask our Father for stuff.

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

~1 John 5:14

Ask anything. Our God hears us. All of us. All of the time.

He is never too busy.

You are never too unimportant.

You are a child of the Most High God. And, He is our Father. A good Father. Not a distant-only-see-you-when-I’m-not-too-busy dad, but an engaged, 24-hour, always-here-for-us-ready-to-help-us kind of Dad. THE Dad. OUR Dad.

Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake?

~Matthew 7:9‭-‬10 NIV

Would you give out snakes and stones? Or, would you pour out what is best for your child?

That brings us to what I consider the hardest part of prayer–praying in God’s will.

Many of our prayers are selfish. Let’s face it. They aren’t for our greater good. They are fleeting. We want a quick fix, not an overall blessed life.

Every aspect of our lives is truly in the hands of God. Our morning commute. Our child’s big test. That doctor visit. God knows all. God hears all. And, He wants you to know that He is here to answer your questions, soothe your fears and walk with you through the journey. All of it. Every step. All day long!

Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

~Jeremiah 33:3 NIV

He’s better than Google! Ask Him today about that job interview. Ask Him today about that meeting at work. Ask Him today about your child’s situation you don’t have the strength to fix. Ask Him.

And, see what marvelous things He has in store. Ask Him about His will for you. His will is so sweet and wonderful. He doesn’t want bad things for you ever. He has great plans for you laid out before the beginning of time.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

~Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV

God is with us always if you believe. And, He promises to help our unbelief, too. (Read more here.) It’s hard living in this world. Thank God we have Him to help us.

Let’s pray…

Dear Heavenly Father, show us what to pray. Please show us how to be in YOUR will today. And, show us how to put our total crust in You and listen. Thank you, Dad, for everything. Amen.