I woke up today to a beautiful yet heart-wrenching post at https://cristianmihai.net/2018/09/24/these-dreams-of-mine/#comment-103822

Heart wrenching because it’s true. Too true for my spirit to interpret.  Too true for my guts to like. What would I die for? But, more importantly,  what would I live for?

So many dreams swirl inside me. So many things I want to do. So, why am I not doing them?

Is it God’s perfect timing?

Is it lazyness?

Is it just not what I’m suppose to be doing?

The psalmist says “Take delight in the Lord , and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4 NIV)

I have many desires. To tour the United States in an RV. To sing and play guitar.  To write the many novels I have pent up inside of me.

And, YES! One day I will do these things that bring me joy.  One day, I’ll live my dream life every day and not just sit here and talk about it.  One day, I’ll write that blog post that says, ” Here I am! I did it!”

But, for today,  I’ll clean out litter boxes and wash more dishes. But, come to think of it,  I’ll be doing that then, too. Why? Because I love my cats,  and I have to eat. And, because life is life regardless of if you’re living your dreams or not.

What are your dreams for your life? Are you living them? Praise God if you are! And, if not, let’s pray today about how we can get a little closer to that burning desire God has placed in our hearts.

And, live.

What Makes You a Writer?

So, I was lying in bed last night. Thinking.

And, this thought whipped through my mind: What makes you a writer?

Writing makes you a writer.

Write in your journal.

Write in your blog

Write on a scrap piece of paper or a napkin at the coffee shop.

Just write.

Writers know in their hearts that they are writers. We don’t have to be published. We don’t have to be famous — although we do dream of both.

But, we have to write. It’s a craving. An incessant picking at our spirit. An itch that must be scratch. When you are a writer, you write. You have to write. You must write.

Because it is who we are. It’s who God created us to be.

Be who you are today. Write that poem! Write that first line. Just write.

Your spirit will thank you for it.

May God fill you with His peace today.


Sharing the Old to Make Things New

Look what I found tonight…


I was shocked actually. LOL And, more so since I’ve been looking for these writings for a while now. They’ve been churning in my spirit. My past life as a writer before I stopped to be a mom. I need to share that with you, too!

But for today, I wanted to share my past life with you to make room for the new. New things. New times. New writings. I am excited to be in this place. This place of newness and hope and faith and writing without using the delete button.

Well, maybe I’ll use it a little. Ok, a lot. But, that’s okay.

That’s writing.

Be blessed!